• Mike Erkkinen

The simple and noble barn

I have a friend who has very similar interests to myself, (sailing, biking, fishing, skiing, woodworking, etc.) and as such, needs a place to store and maintain equipment, and build things. Thus, I'm working on designing a simple structure for him that is elegant, practical, and versatile. We decided on a simple timber frame for rugged good looks and durability, and a SIP (stuctural insulated panel) envelope for energy conservation and cozy temperature and humidity control. Because the most useful shape was a long and narrow building (16 by 36 main building and 10'-6" wide L shaped shed addition), we decided to borrow some thematic ideas from traditional train stations (typically a long narrow building with large overhangs for passengers to stand under).

The projected timeline is to cut and assemble the frame this fall, let the frame weather outside over the winter, and complete the structure in the spring. Barns seem to have a timeless magic, and if executed well, can be a most useful and "multi purpose" structure to support many types of lifestyles. Following are a series of rendered images of the bare frame and a rough draft of the completed barn.

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