HOW we work

We work collaboratively with clients, to ensure that their custom building is an integration of their values, current wants, and needs. Through lots of dialogue and walk thru-s in the design process, we help them get down to what really matters for them - which we find is often different than was folks initially believe that they want. We want to do everything in our power to make sure that they get the home that raises their lives to the next level. 

WHY we work the way that we do

Our work is very personal to us, and we believe that best results come when we infuse everything that we do with a sense of profound purpose and enjoyment. We love pushing the boundaries of design with our clients in order to contribute to the world being a more beautiful and harmonious place.

WHERE we work

As much as possible, we build our projects in our facility in Friendship. These are our reasons for this, and why they greatly benefit both us and our clients:

1- Our beautiful seaside facility inspires us to do our best work.

2- We can be most efficient and cost effective working in the controlled environment of our own shop with minimal travel or daily setup. 

3- Working inside a heated shop removes the weather variability that will add cost and lower quality on a project. 


We're here to make sure you have the home that is the highest expression of your conscious lifestyle.


TEL: 207 542 8587​